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Water Conservation Measures Remain in Effect

(Updated  May 18, 2018 - At their May 2018 Meeting the Board of Directors passed a plan to help the District move toward compliance with the 20% by 2020 Mandate. Our conservation pages will be updated over the coming weeks.) 

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Read Governor Brown's Executive Order from April 2017 where permanent restrictions on wasteful water practices were put in place.  

The following wasteful water practices are now permanently prohibited: 

  • Hosing off sidewalks, driveways and other hardscapes
  • Washing automobiles with hoses not equipped with a shut-off nozzle
  • Using non-recirculated water in a fountain or other decorative water feature
  • Watering lawns in a manner that causes runoff
  • Watering within 48 hours after measurable precipitation
  • Irrigating ornamental turf on public street medians

In addition, the District is asking our customers to be vigilant on their outdoor watering and make sure that plants, landscapes and lawns are not being overwatered, especially in the cooler shoulder seasons when they need less.  

Water Conservation

Conservacion del agua


20% by 2020 - How are we doing? What can I do to help? 

The 20% by 2020 state mandate is that all water purveyors reduce their per capita water use by 20% from the average usage of our customers over 10 years in the early 2000's.  The way this baseline is calculated is complicated (it's the State of California!) and water leaks within our system also are included in this per capita water usage number.  The waterline replacement projects and water leak detection and repair as part of our ongoing maintenance plan will also help to bring the District into compliance. If the District (or any water purveyor) fails to meet this 20% by 2020 mandate, the State has indicated that they will no longer be eligible for state grants.   

Click here to read the District's Compliance Plan.

The graphic below shows: yearly historic, our baseline (again, the average across the 10 years), and our 2020 requirement.  The District met our 2015 target (thanks to mandatory conservation!), however, we need to keep up the good conservation work that has been done the last few years.  As you can see, the District is falling behind where we need to be to meet these State Mandates.  

Monthly consumption chart


What can I do to help? 

As you can see by the graph to the left, as of December 2018, the District and our customers are not meeting the mandates.  This will impact our ability to secure grant funding in the future which could have an impact on rates.  

By incorporating the voluntary conservation suggestions from the District on how to conserve water.  If all our customers are conscious of their water use, the District should be able to meet these mandates.  

Water Conservation Program Brochure and Informational Posters

2018 Poster English

2018 Poster Spanish