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Save our Water


Free Conservation Supplies Available from the North Tahoe Public Utility District

Supplies Available in the District Offices at 875 National Avenue for District residents.

  • Hose Nozzle: Save water while washing vehicles, bikes, RV’s, boats, and trailers.  District regulations require use of a hose nozzle when using a hose.
  • Hose Timer: Set the timer so your hose will automatically shut off when it has completed.
  • Dish Squeegee: It’s a “two-fer”!  Saves water by allowing you to scrape dishes clean right into the trash with little need for rinsing and puts that FOG (Fats Oils and Grease) into the trash where it belongs! 
  • Rain Gauge: Find out how much it rained and turn off or adjust irrigation accordingly.  State law mandates no watering within 48 hours of measurable precipitation.
  • Leak Detection Dye Tabs: Suspect a running toilet?  Drop one of these tablets into the tank of your toilet and if the water in the bowl turns blue then your flapper valve most likely needs replaced.  A running toilet can drain 1 – 5 gallons per minute of good, clean water straight to the sewer.  That’s 40,000 – 200,000 gallons per month!
  • Shower Timer: Reduce your shower to 5 minutes and save water! 
  • Moisture Meter: Avoid overwatering! Keep your plants healthy and save water!  Use it to check your indoor or outdoor plants to see when they need water.
  • Shower heads: Using optimal pressure while conserving water during showers. 
small delta shower head small shower head


mPower Placer

Placer County property owners can reduce their water usage and help during the drought with financing from mPower.  This money is repaid on your property tax bill.  Click here to visit their website to learn more.

Here are some ideas for projects that might be eligible:

  • Replace old irrigation systems with high efficiency spray nozzles and low volume drip systems
  • Install weather-based smart irrigation controllers
  • Replace old inefficient water fixtures and toilets with high efficiency low flow fixtures 
  • Install Tankless hot water heaters
  • Install Recirculating water systems


Water Conservation Web Resources

There are a number of websites available for you to learn more about how to reduce your water consumption.

Helpful Hints

How to Read Your Bills: 

The District is in the process of revising our bills and we will update here once that is complete.  Please contact the District offices at 530-546-4212 if you have any questions about how to read your bill,  

Track down your high water usage

If you are trying to tracking down a water leak and other unexplained water usage, try some of these helpful hints.  

Toilet Scenarios
A running toilet can be a major source of unexplained water usage.
Here are some of the things that can happen that would make your toilet run.

Gallons Per Minute & Gallons Per Day
While a small leak doesn’t seem like much water is going down the drain, cumulatively these small leaks can add up to a lot.
This document shows the amount of water that a small leak that goes unfixed can use.

You can find out exactly how much water your faucets, showers and those drips are using by picking up your free drip counter and shower and faucet flow meter bag for FREE at the District offices.  

Meter Info
By looking at your meter you can tell if you are using water unexpectedly.
This document explains how to read your meter.

Stop & Drain Valves

Older shut off valves, called Stop and Drain Valves, can also cause unexpected water use.
This document explains how to shut off your valves.


Outdoor Water Conservation Information

Tahoe Resource Conservation District

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Tahoe Home Landscaping Guide

Conservation Education

The North Tahoe Public Utility District has partnered with Tahoe City Public Utility District, and Tahoe Water Suppliers Association to bring the very popular Trashion Shows to the Elementary and Middle Schools in the Tahoe Area. These shows are put on by the Envirolution Club at Truckee High School in partnership with the Sierra Watershed Education Partnership. The District must provide School Education as part of our Urban Water Management Plan and we have teamed up to bring this very effective program to our lakeside schools.