Frequently Asked Questions

Billing FAQs

Are there other ways to pay my bill?
Customers may always pay their bills by mail or in person with a check, cash or debit/credit card.

Why do I pay two sewer bills?
Businesses and homeowners in the District pay a sewer fee to the NTPUD (one of the five-member agencies of the Truckee Tahoe Sanitation District (T-TSA) to process and export wastewater out of the District. Businesses and homeowners also pay a fee directly to T-TSA for the treatment of the District’s wastewater at their Truckee plant. Download this flyer (PDF) to learn more.

What are cluster meters?
A cluster water meter is a meter that serves more than one residential living unit. Cluster meters are most commonly found on condominiums; however, they may also serve other properties such as timeshare units.

The District’s Ordinances establishing billing procedures for cluster meters require that all units connected to the shared cluster meter be charged equally for water use. With the use of a cluster meter, the District cannot isolate water usage to an individual unit.

If an overage in use occurs, and the property’s maintenance department can attribute the use to a specific unit, the District will apply the water use charges to that unit. However, if the District is unable to determine which unit caused the overage in use, charges for the water use will be equally apportioned and charged to each unit.

The presence or use of individual shut off valves on a unit or units served by a cluster meter cannot be used to alter the equal apportionment of water use between all units served by that meter.

What are water consumption tiers?
The tier breakdown below is for ¾” through 6″ Multi-Residential and Commercial Rate Classes. Specific rate information for all customer classes is available on our Current Water & Rate Information page.

rate tiers

Parks FAQs

What are current conditions in the North Tahoe Regional Park? i.e. trails, courts, etc
Follow us on Facebook for most current information.

Visit our winter specific page for the North Tahoe Regional Park for more information on grooming, activities and more.

What are launch fees?
Please visit the boat launch page on the website. Please note that these do not include the inspection fees charged for inspection for Quagga and Zebra Mussels through the Tahoe Boat Inspection Program. Please see their website for more information. Your boat must be inspected prior to launch.

Are dogs allowed on the beaches?
The District has a policy of no dogs on the beaches for water quality and health reasons. To report a dog on the beach or other animal issues, please call Placer County Animal Control at 530-546-1990.

Operations FAQs

What is the cost to have my water shut off for the season or due to a leak?
During normal Business Hours, it is $60, after Business Hours, it is $120.

What is the cost to have my water turned on for the season?
During normal Business Hours, there is no charge, $120 after hours.

If you are having your water shut off to install a customer side shut off valve there is no charge.

How do I get charged for a water shut off?
On the monthly bill.

Does the District provide water or well sampling?
The District does not provide testing as a service. The District does use Cranmer Analytical Laboratory for most of its water quality sampling. They have a courier service that comes to the north shore of Lake Tahoe every Tuesday and therefore we could be a facilitator for pick up of any of your water samples. Cranmer Analytical Laboratory is located in Grass Valley and their phone # is (530) 273-7284 or you can email their contact person: Michele Harlin at [email protected] for services they can provide and suggestions for what to sample.