Free conservation supplies available from the North Tahoe Public Utility District

The following water conservation supplies are available in the district offices at 875 National Avenue, Tahoe Vista, for district residents.

Hose Nozzle:

Save water while washing vehicles, bikes, RV’s, boats, and trailers.  District regulations require use of a hose nozzle when using a hose.

Hose Timer:

Set the timer so your hose will automatically shut off when it has completed.

Dish Squeegee:

It’s a “two-fer”! Saves water by allowing you to scrape dishes clean right into the trash with little need for rinsing and puts that FOG (Fats Oils and Grease) into the trash where it belongs!

Leak Detection Dye Tabs:

Suspect a running toilet? Drop one of these tablets into the tank of your toilet and if the water in the bowl turns blue then your flapper valve most likely needs replaced. A running toilet can drain 1 – 5 gallons per minute of good, clean water straight to the sewer. That’s 40,000 – 200,000 gallons per month!

Shower Timer:

Reduce your shower to 5 minutes and save water!

Shower Heads:

Using optimal pressure while conserving water during showers.