Communications & Public Affairs

Public Outreach Vision Statement (Adopted May 9, 2017)

The NTPUD is a transparent, trusted organization who serves an informed, engaged and supportive public who knows:

  • Who the District is, and who we aren’t
  • What we do, and what we don’t do for the north Tahoe resident and visitor
  • Where their money is going/coming
  • Understands how they can contribute to the District’s success

A Communication and Public Outreach Plan is a guiding document that prioritizes the projects for the year and serves as a “parking lot” for ideas for future projects as well as a reference document of the tools the District has available in the event of an emergency. This document is reviewed and updated regularly.

How Do We Communicate with our Residents?

As a local government agency providing sewer, water and parks services to the residents of North Lake Tahoe, we want to communicate with our residents.  We want our residents to know the amenities and benefits available to them, to know how their money is being spent, and to know where to go in order to get accurate information in an emergency. Below are the various tools available for you to keep up on the activities of the North Tahoe Public Utility District.  We want to let you know what’s going on, but communication also requires some participation from you! Please engage with us!

Video Board Meetings

In early 2016 the District began video recording our Board meetings and posting them on the website for viewing by those who are interested, yet unable to attend the meetings. The video is integrated with the agenda, so viewers can click on the item they are interested and be taken directly to that point in the video.  Click here to view our board meetings.

Information available via E-Mail Updates

You can sign up via the button in the footer and select the information that you would like to receive based on the explanations of the various E-News groups below.

  • E-News/Press Releases: Receive all E-News and press releases put out by the North Tahoe Public Utility District.
  • Community and Special Event Notifications: Provide information on events going on in the area. These could include District events, non-District events that could impact our residents, special workshops or events taking place within the District or outside the District if they could be of interest to our residents and visitors.
  • Board Agendas and Packets: Receive notification when Board agendas and packets for Board meetings are available on the website.
  • Recreation and Parks Commission Agendas and Packets: Receive notification when Recreation and Parks Commission agendas and packets for Commission meetings are available on the website.
  • Parks and Recreation: Receive emails about NTPUD parks and recreation programs and events.
  • Board Committee Agendas: Receive a copy of agenda for the Recreation and Parks Committee, Personnel Committee, Development and Planning Committee, Public Outreach Committee and Finance Committee.
  • NTPUD Newsletter: Receive an electronic copy of the NTPUD newsletter that is sent with utility bills.

E-News Newsletter

With the implementation of our monthly E-Newsletter, the District will reduce the number of printed newsletters that are inserted in your bill to approximately two times a year.  It is our intention to keep customers up-to-date on the most important items of interest going on in the District and feel that the monthly E-News will be much more effective.  Whether in print, or electronic, we STRONGLY encourage all of our residents to at least make a review of these newsletters when they arrive.  There’s information about rebates, park and facility updates, capital projects, and more!

Click here to be taken to the archive of printed newsletters.

Click here to be taken to the archive of Electronic newsletters. 

Emergency Information

In the event of any kind of emergency within the District, or a large incident in the region, the District is committed to ensuring you receive timely and correct information. The rise of social media has also meant an easy way to for incorrect information and rumors to be spread quickly.  In the event of an emergency, please make sure you are getting information directly from those providing services such as those listed below.

Most importantly, please make sure you are subscribed to the Placer County WARN system. This system allows emergency notifications (email, text, call) to be sent out specific to the address or addresses that you request.

Social media will provide the ability to release of information in the most timely manner and is most easily spread to interested parties.  The Facebook accounts for our Regional Emergency Response Partners are listed below. Additional information will continue to be added.

Regional Emergency Partners