2023-2028 NTPUD Strategic Plan

2023 NTPUD Strategic Plan

Our History – The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) was formed in 1948 under the State of California Public Utilities Code to provide wastewater services to the residents of the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. In November of 1967, water services were added to the District’s responsibility, and the Recreation and Parks Department was created in 1968. The District’s boundaries range from the Nevada state line in Crystal Bay to Dollar Hill. Our service area includes the communities of Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Brockway Vista, Carnelian Bay, Cedar Flat and Agate Bay. The District currently serves 5,524 sewer connections and 3,828 metered water connections. The District also maintains most of the public beaches in our service area and owns and operates the North Tahoe Regional Park and the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area in Tahoe Vista. The District also owns and operates the North Tahoe Event Center in downtown Kings Beach.

As we approach our 75th year of operation, the NTPUD continues to provide high-quality water, wastewater, and recreational resources to the residents of the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.

The District’s Place – Every day at the NTPUD, we have the privilege of serving the residents and visitors of our beautiful mountain community. Nestled on the North Shore of the largest alpine lake in North America, the District comprises pristine forests and panoramic shorelines, state parks, and national forests, and a vibrant local community with endless recreation opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Our partners at the Tahoe Prosperity Center have expressed our sentiments well: “The health of the environment and the health of the economy are interdependent with the health of the community. Each must be planned for and considered jointly.” We embrace the essential role that we play in maintaining the natural beauty and resources of Lake Tahoe and this strategic plan outlines our commitment to this place.

The Plan – Our strategic plan is a living document that clarifies our direction and identifies our critical areas of focus over the next five years (2023 – 2028). We will use this plan to communicate our purpose, values, and goals with the community. The process of strategic planning ensures that, as an organization, we remain responsive to the ongoing needs within the community and the current context in which we live. It enables us to anticipate and proactively take action to systematically improve our community. Our strategic plan outlines our mission, vision, leadership core values, goals, and objectives. A separate internal Implementation Plan includes activities, timelines, and indicators, and will be used by staff to support the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement:

Our mission statement is our core reason for existing, who we exist for, and how we plan to serve our community. The mission is the NTPUD’s purpose and serves to differentiate our functions and core expertise from other organizations that are working in different ways towards the same vision. While we recognize a collaborative vision of the future that the community must work together to achieve, our mission very clearly explains the means by which we contribute to that vision.

The mission of the NTPUD is to: Serve North Lake Tahoe by providing exceptional water, wastewater, and recreational resources.

Vision Statement:

The vision Our vision statement is an aspirational and memorable statement of what the NTPUD seeks to achieve in the future. The following vision provides the “True North” for the NTPUD’s compass and describes the future we, in collaboration with our community, are working to achieve.

The vision of the NTPUD is that: North Lake Tahoe is a vibrant and healthy community where we optimize our resources for the greater good and protect our environment for generations to come.

Core Values:

NTPUD’s leadership core values are our essential and enduring tenets — a small yet mighty set of of guiding principles that inform how we make decisions. We recognize that we are leaders in the community and that our decisions have a significant impact on the people that we serve. These core values demonstrate how much the District C.A.R.E.S. about North Lake Tahoe, the community, and our team.

NTPUD serves as a leader by DEMONSTRATING:

  1. Collaboration: Advance efficiency and progress through teamwork
  2. Accountability: Build and maintain trust through integrity, transparency,
    clear and accessible communications, and a commitment to fiscal responsibility
  3. Respect: Honor, celebrate, and leverage the value and diversity of staff,
    partners, and community
  4. Excellence: Provide exemplary water, wastewater, and recreation services
    through a commitment to ongoing maintenance, innovation, and community
  5. Stewardship: Ensure that all actions protect, preserve, and enhance the
    resources, community, and environment of Lake Tahoe

Strategic Goals

  1. Goal One: Provide safe, efficient, sustainable water and wastewater services with a focus on industry best practices and continuous improvement.
  2. Goal Two: Provide high-quality community-driven recreation opportunities and event facilities.
  3. Goal Three: Enhance District governance and partnerships.
  4. Goal Four: Sustain and strengthen organizational resources, expertise, and culture.

The District’s Strategic Plan is reviewed annually as part of the budget process to be sure that the District continues to move forward as outlined by the Strategic Plan.

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