Capital Improvement Projects

Investing in the Future of North Lake Tahoe

In 2017, the NTPUD completed a comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that identified more than $51 million in necessary system rehabilitation and replacements projects over the next 20 years. The District is strategically moving forward on the projects outlined in this plan ensure the region’s sewer and water systems continue to function properly and reliably now and into the future. 


Kings Beach Drinking Water and Fire Suppression Improvement Projects: 


Golden and Rainbow Avenue Watermain Relocation Project 

Project Scheduled to Begin May 2023

The District will return to the Kings Beach Grid in Summer 2023 to install new watermains and fire hydrants on Golden Avenue, Rainbow Avenue, and Secline Street.

This project is part of the NTPUD's long-term effort to improve water delivery and provide adequate fire suppression supply to homes in the Kings Beach Grid. The installation of these new, larger watermains will allow the District to abandon the old, problematic and undersized backyard watermains and service lines and relinquish the existing backyard easements to property owners located on the South side of Steelhead Avenue, North and South sides of Golden Avenue, and North side of Rainbow Avenue.

Property owners will have until September 1, 2025 to reconnect their private water service lateral to the new point of connection.

NTPUD Water Service Relocation Guide graphic


Trout Street Drinking Water and Fire Suppression Project: 

(Project Start Date TBD)

The NTPUD has been working for more than a decade to update the water system and install new fire hydrants throughout this neighborhood. The water system is comprised of watermains ranging from 1- to 8- inches in diameter. The water system is deficient in fire flows and in the number and spacing of fire hydrants and does not meet current fire codes on several streets in the grid.

This project will focus on the area of Trout Street, which is currently served by undersized backyard watermains (1 to 2 inches in diameter) that were installed in the 1930s and are unable to support fire hydrants for fire suppression. These residential properties also have daily flow and pressure deficiencies. 

The project will install 2,700 feet of 8-inch watermains, improve system looping and add six new fire hydrants along Trout Street to comply with the California Fire Code. 

This project will serve the Kings Beach neighborhood, which has a population of 2,671 full-time residents and 1,117 households (source: This area of service also sees a seasonal tourist population ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 people during the summer months.


Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Projects:

Carnelian Bay to Watson Creek Watermain Replacement: 

The NTPUD completed construction on the replacement of a main waterline in Carnelian Bay in October 2022. The project replaced 3,100 linear feet of small 2-inch diameter watermain with a new, larger 12-inch diameter watermain in North Lake Blvd (State Route 28), from Gar Woods Grill & Pier Restaurant to Watson Creek. This project is part of the NTPUD’s long-term effort to improve water delivery and provide adequate fire suppression supply to the North Lake Tahoe community.


National Sewer Pump Station Rehabilitation:

This was the final project in a multi-year effort to rehabilitate all four major sewage export pump stations operated by the NTPUD. The project included new sewer pumps, motors, controls, valves, and improved piping, as well as a new emergency generator, upgraded electrical equipment, and building improvements. 

  • Cost =$3,291,035

  • Completed in May 2022. 



N-1 Satellite Sewer Pump Station Rehabilitation: One of the District's 16 secondary sewer pump stations, the N-1 station at Moon Dunes Beach was rebuilt in 2021/2022 with new sewer pumps, motors, controls, valves, and improved piping. This project also included the addition of a new emergency generator and upgraded electrical equipment on site to respond to emergencies and power outages.

  • Cost = $1,450,000
  • Completed in May 2022


National Avenue SCADA System Improvements: The District is updating our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems at the National Avenue water treatment plan and sewer pump station. 

  • Cost = $240,000
  • Completed by June 2021


Kings Beach Grid Water Main Replacements: The Kings Beach Grid Water Main replacements/relocations are on hold for 2021.


Recreation & Parks Projects

In 2021, the NTPUD made several upgrades and enhancements to the North Tahoe Regional Park. The $2.0 million project included the replacement and expansion of the synthetic turf field (also known as Field #4), which was originally built in 2007 and is one of the only sports fields of its kind in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The project also included the addition of a new paved pathway, connecting the Park’s tennis courts to the upper parking lot and creating a fully accessible trail loop between the two main parking areas.

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  • Cost = $2,000,000
  • Completed in October 2022.

Turf field improvements at North Tahoe Regional Park

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