How do I apply for a job?
You must submit a District application to the Human Resources Department. Applications are available online or at the District office in Tahoe Vista. You may also call 546-4212 to request an application be mailed to you.

How do I go about renting the Ramada?
To rent the Ramada, fill out the Ramada application and send it in to the District. When the office receives it, we will review it and issue a permit.

What is the cost to rent the Ramada?
The cost is $60/hr (4 hr min.) or $30/hr (4 hr min.) for North Tahoe Public Utility District residents. If alcohol is served and/or amplified music is played, there are additional charges.

Where do I get a Resident's sticker?
Resident stickers are issued at our main office at 875 National Avenue during normal business hours. You may also fill out the application and mail it to the District.

Where do I get a grease can?
You can pick up a grease can at our main office at 875 National Avenue

Do you have a trail map and when can I get one?
Yes, we have a recently updated trail map of the North Tahoe Regional Park and you can pick one up at one main office at 875 National Avenue or you can download the map.

What are the benefits of a Resident's sticker?

Homeowners within the District will park for free year round at the North Tahoe Regional Park and at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area.  

What are launch fees?
Please visit the boat launch page on the www.northtahoeparks.com website. Please note that these do not include the inspection fees charged for inspection for Quagga and Zebra Mussels through the Tahoe Boat Inspection Program. Please see their website for more information. Your boat must be inspected prior to launch.

What are current conditions in the North Tahoe Regional Park? i.e. trails, courts, etc
Follow us on Facebook for most current information.  Conditions are updated on our website or you can call the Parks line at 530-546-5043.  

Does the District offer Auto Pay?
Yes. We can deduct funds from your checking account with a completed application and a voided check. Funds are drawn mid-month for balance due.

Does the District offer paperless statements?
Yes. When you sign up at our online bill payment center you will have the option of paperless statements.

Are dogs allowed on the beaches?
The District has a policy of no dogs on the beaches for water quality and health reasons. To report a dog on the beach please call Animal control at 530-546-1990.

I only use my house seasonally; do I still have to pay year round?
Yes, the District does not allow for disconnection without paying to reconnect. Your monthly service fees support the ongoing maintenance and operation of the water and sewer system.

Water has to be ready to supply on-demand for drinking water and fire flow capabilities 24/7/365 and it costs the District the same amount to maintain the system and produce the water for the availability for all customers year-round.

The Public Utilities Code allows sewer districts in the Tahoe Basin to charge a stand-by charge for sewer collection” because of the unique and special water management, pollution and sewage disposal problems in the LT Basin." 

What services does the North Tahoe Public Utility District provide?
The North Tahoe Public Utility District provides water and sewer service and recreation and parks facilities in our service area which runs from the Nevada Stateline to approximately Dollar Hill.

Why do I pay both the North Tahoe Public Utility District and Tahoe Truckee Sanitation Agency?
The District collects and transports sewage out of the Tahoe Basin. The Tahoe Truckee Sanitation Agency is the Regional Sewage Treatment plant for the area and treats Sewage from the North Tahoe Public Utility District, Tahoe City Public Utility District, Squaw Valley Public Service District, Alpine Springs County Water District, Truckee Sanitary District and Northstar Community Services District. Click here to read more.

Does the District offer any recreation classes?
No, our District does not offer recreation, but a variety of classes are held at our North Tahoe Event Center in Kings Beach. 530-546-7249

Do you rent kayaks, jet skis, etc.?
The District does not rent equipment, however we have concessionaires at Tahoe Vista Recreation Area and in our Park who rent different types of equipment depending on the season. Please see the links page for links to their websites.

What is the cost to have my water shut off for the season or due to a leak?
During normal Operations Business Hours, it is $60, after Operations Business Hours, it is $120.

What is the cost to have my water turned on for the season?
During normal Operations Business Hours, there is no charge, $120 afterhours.

What are normal Operations Business Hours?
During the winter season, hours are Monday – Friday, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM. During the summer season (approximately daylight savings time) hours are Monday – Thursday from 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The operations crews are off on alternating Fridays with their “On” Friday hours being 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Regional Park hours are from dawn to dusk. The gate is locked at dusk.

How do I get charged for a water shut off?
On the monthly bill.

Can I receive my bill electronically?
Yes! This option is available to all customers whether you pay your bill on line, via our automatic payment option or by cash or check. Click on the Pay Your Bill link to the right and log into your account. Go to “My Profile” and there is an option to sign up for electronic billing.

Does the District provide water or well sampling?

The District does not provide testing as a service.  The District does use Cranmer Analytical Laboratory for most of its water quality sampling.  They have a courier service that comes to the north shore of Lake Tahoe every Tuesday and therefore we could be a facilitator for pick up of any of your water samples. Cranmer Analytical Laboratory is located in Grass Valley and their phone # is (530) 273-7284 or you can email their contact person:   Michele Harlin at mharlin@cranmerengineeringinc.com for services they can provide and suggestions for what to sample.