Planning and Engineering

Responsibilities of Planning and Engineering Department

North Tahoe Public Utility District Planning and Engineering Department is responsible for NTPUD’s Sewer and Water Systems (from Brockway to Dollar Point), Capital Improvement Program & Projects, and District Design Standards. Additionally, Planning & Engineering Department staff conducts inspections, issues permits, performs development and plan review, manages Geographical Information System (GIS); collects and analyzes SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) information for improved efficiency.


New fire hydrant being installed NTPUD water system pipes
A new fire hydrant is being installed as part of the District’s waterline replacement project. All new waterline projects will meet current code for fire flow and distance between hydrants. A significant portion of the District’s water system was put in a long time ago. Note all the clamps on these pipes that were replaced in a recent waterline replacement project.