(Tahoe Vista, Calif.) Wednesday, December 20, 2023 – Following two years of construction, the North Tahoe Public Utility District has completed installation of over 11,000 linear feet of new water pipelines and 18 new fire hydrants in Kings Beach and Carnelian Bay.

The multi-million-dollar project added hydrants and upgraded a primary watermain along a portion of North Lake Blvd. (HWY 28) in Carnelian Bay; and installed new mid-block fire hydrants and new larger watermains on Steelhead, Golden, and Rainbow Avenues and Chipmunk and Secline Streets in the Kings Beach grid neighborhood.

The project significantly improves water system reliability and enhances the NTPUD’s water capacity for fire suppression.

“As the primary water supplier for North Lake Tahoe, the NTPUD embraces our critical role in community wildfire protection,” said Bradley Johnson, P.E., NTPUD General Manager. “We are working hard to ensure that there is a fire hydrant ready on every neighborhood street and that we have the reliable and redundant water supply to provide the fire flow necessary to help defend our community against the threat of catastrophic wildfire.”


In Kings Beach, the District completed installation of 7,928 linear feet of new 8-inch water main, 12 fire hydrants, and 190 new service lines and meter boxes.

In Carnelian Bay, the District completed installation of 3,100 linear feet of new 12-inch water main, 6 new fire hydrants, and 33 new service lines and meter boxes.

The NTPUD has been planning and working through a series of strategic water system upgrades for more than a decade to better serve and protect the North Tahoe community. The District has identified more than $34 million in necessary water system rehabilitation and replacement over the next 10 years.

The next phase of the NTPUD’s Water System Capital Improvement Plan includes pipeline and hydrant upgrades on North Lake Blvd near the Nevada State Line. The District is also working to secure State and Federal grant funding to replace watermains and hydrants in the Brockway Vista neighborhood and on several additional streets in the Kings Beach neighborhood.

For more information about the NTPUD’s Public Utility Projects and Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan {CLICK HERE}


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