Important Update: Kings Beach Household Income Survey

Wednesday, March 1, 2023 – The North Tahoe Public Utility District is applying for state and federal funding opportunities to upgrade water infrastructure in the Kings Beach Community. Improvements will include new larger water mains and new fire hydrants that will deliver a more reliable water supply for NTPUD customers in Kings Beach.

As part of the application process, the State funding agency must determine the median household income of NTPUD’s service area to confirm the eligibility of the project.

To do this, a confidential income survey is being conducted by RCAC (Rural Community Assistance Corporation, at no cost to the NTPUD.

February 25th mailing error –
On February 25, 2023, RCAC mailed an incorrect letter to all Kings Beach and Brockway neighborhood residents who live East of HWY 267. Unfortunately, this mailing was an error and did not include the correct survey form and self-addressed pre-paid reply envelope.

A second, updated letter with the included survey form and self-addressed postage-paid envelope will be mailed on Friday, March 3, 2023. Kings Beach and Brockway neighborhood residents are advised to wait until the next mailing arrives with the correct survey materials. Unfortunately, due to restrictions from the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board), there is no online option for this type of survey.  The survey must be filled in out on paper and signed by the owner or renter living at the property.

What to do when the RCAC envelope arrives?
When you receive an envelope like the one shown below in our mailbox or hung on your door, please fill out the income survey form inside and return it using the self-addressed stamped envelope. A large response rate is required for the survey to be considered valid.

Surveys will be mailed to households in the first week of March 2023. If you live in a multi-unit residence, you may receive your survey in a door hanger at your residence. Please complete the survey inside the door hanger bag.

Your name and other personal information will not be shared with the funding agency or NTPUD. Your personal information will remain confidential.

Who is RCAC?

  • The Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) is a non-profit that provides training, technical and financial resources and advocacy so rural communities can achieve their goals and visions. RCAC is the third-party agency approved by the funding agency and community (system or district) to conduct the survey. For information about RCAC, please visit

Why is State or Federal funding being sought?

  • The information obtained through this survey will help the State Water Resources Control Board determine the NTPUD’s eligibility to receive federal or state program funding to complete water system improvements in your neighborhood, including the replacement of old and undersized water pipes and the installation of new fire hydrants. Receipt of this funding will help accelerate the NTPUD’s long-term effort to improve water delivery and provide adequate fire suppression supply to homes in the Kings Beach community.

Why is RCAC conducting a median household income survey?

  • Conducting a median household income survey will help determine the system’s eligibility for funding opportunities. Typically, funders use the American Census Survey (ACS) to determine the median household income of an area. Often the ACS data encompasses a large area and will not provide community specific information. Because the ACS information is not accurate the survey is being conducted only on households within the system’s boundaries to determine what is the median is for funding purposes.

How many people need to respond to the survey?

  • Approximately 13 percent of the total number of households within the service boundary will need to respond to qualify the survey.

How will my personal information be kept private?

  • RCAC will never share your information. The system and funding agency will not have access to the surveys or raw data collected. Each household is assigned a random and confidential survey number. Income results are reported by that confidential survey number. RCAC never reports in a way that can match an income to a person’s name or address.

How many of these surveys will I receive?

  • RCAC will conduct a total of three mailings including one informational customer letter and two survey requests. We will not mail another survey if we have already received one. If the survey’s required response rate isn’t met in the mailings, it’s possible you will receive either a phone call or door to door survey request.

I already filled this out, why am I receiving another survey?

  • The survey reply envelopes are sent back to RCAC via third class mail and it can take up to three weeks for the post office to deliver them. In addition, RCAC works with a print house that requires a one-week lead time. If you mailed back your response, it’s possible that it crossed in the mail. You do not have to fill out another form if you have already sent in a completed survey.

I am the owner, and I don’t live there but I have renters, what should I do?

  • The survey should be completed by whoever is living in the household. Either check the box on the survey, “I am the owner” and fill out the tenant information on the bottom of the survey form and mail it back to RCAC in the postage paid envelope provided, and RCAC will mail a copy of the survey to the tenant; OR please feel free to give the survey and reply envelope to your tenant to fill out and mail it back to RCAC.

This house is a vacation or vacation rental property (I live there less than 6 months out of the year).

  • Check the “Secondary” box on the survey form, enter total household income, sign, and send the survey back to RCAC in the postage paid envelope.

Do I have to fill this out?

  • Although the survey is optional, a minimum response rate must be met to validate the survey. If that response rate isn’t met, then the median household income cannot be defined, and it may limit the funding the community is eligible for.

Why do I have to sign the survey?

  • As part of the guidelines RCAC follows to conduct the survey, a signature is required to validate the survey response. RCAC will not be able to use a survey that is not signed. If you do not sign the survey, RCAC will send you another request to fill out the survey.

I make too much money, so my info won’t help you.

  • You can help your community, every response helps! Your response will help achieve the required minimum response rate. If not enough responses are received, the results may not be validated.
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