(Tahoe Vista, Calif.) Tuesday, November 8, 2022 – The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) Board of Directors recently adopted a new five-year strategic plan for the agency, which provides water, wastewater, and recreation services to the communities of Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Carnelian Bay, Cedar Flat, and Agate Bay.

The plan identifies the District’s critical focus areas for the next five years and includes a comprehensive update of the District’s mission, vision, and core values.

ntpud strategic plan

“As we approach our 75th anniversary of service to North Lake Tahoe, it is vital that we remain responsive to the needs of our diverse community,” said Sarah Coolidge, NTPUD Board President. “We (NTPUD) are committed to continuing to embrace our essential role in maintaining the natural beauty and resources of Lake Tahoe while also recognizing how our region and our environment are changing and clearly defining what we can do to improve the lives of our residents and visitors.”

The plan identifies the District’s strengths, threats (such as environmental hazards and climate change issues, workforce retention, and rising costs), areas of improvement, and opportunities.

The plan also outlines the District’s strategic goals and corresponding objectives, which are focused on providing safe, efficient, and sustainable water and wastewater services; high-quality community-driven recreation opportunities and event facilities; enhancing the District’s partnerships; reinforcing good governance; and maintaining a strong organization with a skilled and empowered workforce.

“I’m especially proud to share our updated mission, vision, and core values with the community,” said Bradley A. Johnson, P.E., NTPUD General Manager/CEO. “These guiding principles reflect the culture of service across the District. They demonstrate our values and inform our decisions as a public service agency. They define our purpose and serve to differentiate our functions and core expertise from other organizations that are working in different ways toward the same vision for North Lake Tahoe.”

  • The mission of the NTPUD is to: Serve North Lake Tahoe by providing exceptional water, wastewater, and recreational resources.
  • The vision of the NTPUD is that: North Lake Tahoe is a vibrant and healthy community where we optimize our resources for the greater good and protect our environment for generations to come.
  • NTPUD serves as a leader by demonstrating its Core Values: Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, and Stewardship.

The District’s planning process was guided by the Glen Price Group and included local representatives, community partners, and staff through a variety of activities, including interviews, public meetings, staff meetings, and a staff survey.

The District’s new five-year strategic plan is available online at https://ntpud.org/about/strategic-plan.

The North Tahoe Public Utility District provides water, wastewater, and recreation service to the residents and visitors of Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, Carnelian Bay, Cedar Flat, and Agate Bay. The District’s boundaries span from the Nevada state line in Crystal Bay to Dollar Hill. The District maintains several public beaches and owns and operates the North Tahoe Regional Park, the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area, and the North Tahoe Event Center in downtown Kings Beach.

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