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The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) directs utility line replacements and specific projects to address current and projected needs of the community’s water and sewer system. Following is a list of Current Projects underway and projects recently completed. Recent bid results are available here.

Current Water/Sewer Projects

National Avenue Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase 1
Project Budget: $590,000
Completion Date: August 2013

PLC Replacement:  Tesco will be coordinating punch list items for the PLC Replacement with upcoming site visits to complete the Server Replacement.  No changes have been made to the system over the last month.  Percent Complete: 90% (Programming), 100% (Construction).

Server Replacement:  Staff has generated a punch list for project completion which is currently being addressed by Tesco.  Percent Complete: 90% (Programming), 90% (Construction).

The installation of a new radio at the Kingswood West Tank site as well as overall communication system updates should be completed mid-May.  These system improvements will allow Tesco to complete the rest of the project.

Carnelian Force Main Valve Project

Zone 1 Water Storage Tank Project
Project Budget: $2,966,742
Completion Date: July 2013

District staff, Nichols Consulting Engineers (NCE), and the contractor are in the process of reviewing the third set of submittals for the electrical components for the booster pump station.  Staff is in agreement with the latest submittal.  The District and NCE are being very meticulous on the submittal reviews to make sure that we get exactly what we need.    Project Budget: $2,966,742; Percent Complete: 98% (Construction).

Kingswood 500 Tank & Kingswood 120 Booster Pump Demo and Griff Creek Restoration Project
Project Budget: $431,500
Completion Date: 2014

The 30% plans have been revised per Staff’s comments and sent to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) made up of the various permitting agencies and stakeholders.  The TAC will be meeting on May 20th to go over the 30% plans and project status.  Percent Complete: 30% (Design), 0% (Construction).

Carnelian & Dollar Sewer Pump Station Design – Phase 1
Project Budget: $419,396
Completion Date: 2014

The Dollar Pump Station Rehabilitation project is now out to bid.  There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting this afternoon (May 14).  The bid opening will be on June 6th.  Staff is also reviewing the Carnelian Pump Station Preliminary Design Report (30% design).  Percent Complete: 90%.

Brook Avenue Sewer Main Replacement Project
Project Budget: $811,539
Completion Date: June 2013

The project is set to start up again on May 29th and should take three to four weeks to complete.  We are currently working with the County to get a road closure approved for safety reasons during construction.  The contractor is planning to open cut the final portion of line due to the failure with the pipe bursting last season.  We have also approached the County with the potential of working nights as some interest for night work was expressed by the contractor.  This would help with the road closure and the businesses on the street but may cause some complications with the removal of the material from the site.   Percent Complete: 100% (Design), 90% (Construction).

Completed Water/Sewer Projects

  • Kingswood Water Main Replacement Project
  • Secline Pump Station Rehabilitation
  • C-1 Wet Well and Dry Well Modifications
  • Carnelian Bay Water West Main Replacement
  • Zone 2 Water Tank Project
  • Tahoe Marina Estates Water Line Replacement Project (In conjunction with Placer County Erosion Control Project)
  • Cutthroat Water Main Replacement
  • Kingswood Booster Pump Station Stairs
  • Dollar Cove Water Treatment Study
  • Lincoln Green Water Line Replacement
  • Kingswood West Tank Security Fence
  • Beaver Street Water and Sewer Line Replacement Project (In conjunction with Placer County Erosion Control Project)