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The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) directs utility line replacements and specific projects to address current and projected needs of the community’s water and sewer system. Following is a list of Current Projects underway and projects recently completed. Recent bid results are available here.

Current Water/Sewer Projects

Taken from November 2014 Engineering Department Report to the Board of Directors.  

National Avenue Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase 2 (1220):  Staff has received a quote from Tesco for the SCADA work and is working with them to develop the construction schedule.  Staff will bring the proposed schedule and cost estimates for SCADA and electrical to the Development and Planning Committee.  Bidding the construction phase of the project will be on hold until Tesco is under contract for the SCADA work. Percent Complete: 100% (Design), 0% (Construction)
Kings Beach Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation (1510): Corrosion issues have been observed and documented in both NTPUD commissioned inspections (performed for all tanks once every 4 years) and the annual State Department of Public Health Water system inspection.  Staff is in agreement that tank recoating is warranted.  Design phase services (through Bid Phase) were approved by the Board of Directors on July 8, 2014.  Staff will be presenting scopes for Construction phase services to Development & Planning Committee prior to Decembers Board meeting for an anticipated December Board approval, thereby completing all necessary consulting services required for the project.  Staff anticipates bid in January for a springtime construction.  Percent Complete: 0% (Design), 0% (Construction).
Kingswood 500 Tank & Kingswood 120 Booster Pump Demo and Griff Creek Restoration Project (1114):  The project is complete.  Final walkthrough with TRPA is being scheduled.  Temporary irrigation lines have been set up and will be used in the spring to help establish the vegetation.  Percent Complete: 100% (Design), 100% (Construction).
Carnelian & Dollar Sewer Pump Station Design (1021-CDSD):  Staff is reviewing the Carnelian Pump Station Preliminary Design Report (30% design).  Percent Complete: 90%.
Dollar Hill 22” Force Main Rehabilitation (1407):  Staff has reviewed and commented on the 60% plans and specifications.  The 90% plans and specifications are anticipated to be complete by Thanksgiving.  Percent Complete: 60% (Design), 0% (Construction).
Canterbury Water Main Replacement Phase 1 (1419):  This project is now complete.  See Agenda Item E-4 in this month’s Board packet for more information.  Percent Complete: 100% (Design), 100% (Construction).
Base Facilities (1413 & 1408):    Footings and stem walls have been poured and stripped.  The site is winterized for the season.  Framing and rough in’s for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing has begun.
Parks Maintenance Building (1430):  Design of the parks maintenance building is complete, with the exception of the electrical drawings and specifications.  The plans have been submitted to TRPA.  Staff is intending to put this project out to bid around the first of the year.
Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvements Project:   A successful first construction season is now complete.  An excellent working relationship between Operations staff and the contractors proved highly beneficial to the project.  The District has comfort and accurate knowledge of what went in the ground, and likewise the contractor was able to perform the necessary work meeting District specifications in the most efficient manner.  At this time, the contractor has completed the majority of the Highway relocations.  Some District conflicts anticipated during design were found to not be necessary once ground was broken and exact locations (horizontal and vertical) were obtained.  However, additional conflicts were also found based on last minute plan revisions by County consultants not shared with District, or incorrect line locations based on plans reflecting best available information at the time of preparation.  At this time, the conflicts (deletions & additions) approximately equal out.  All in all, the project is moving forward in a smooth manner.  Staff remains in close contact during all project efforts. 

Completed Water/Sewer Projects

  • Kingswood Water Main Replacement Project
  • Secline Pump Station Rehabilitation
  • C-1 Wet Well and Dry Well Modifications
  • Carnelian Bay Water West Main Replacement
  • Zone 2 Water Tank Project
  • Tahoe Marina Estates Water Line Replacement Project (In conjunction with Placer County Erosion Control Project)
  • Cutthroat Water Main Replacement
  • Kingswood Booster Pump Station Stairs
  • Dollar Cove Water Treatment Study
  • Lincoln Green Water Line Replacement
  • Kingswood West Tank Security Fence
  • Beaver Street Water and Sewer Line Replacement Project (In conjunction with Placer County Erosion Control Project)