Board of Directors

The North Tahoe Public Utility District, in its efforts to maintain an open and communicative public agency with its customers and the public provide for public review the compensation and benefits received by Public Officials both appointed and elected. Click here to view the document.

In accordance with AB2040 the State of California also requires the posting of access to the State Controllers Office Compensation website for information on compensation for all employees.  That information is available here.


Sarah Coolidge, Secretary
Term expires 2020
Committees: Recreation and Parks Committee



Sue Daniels
Term expires 2018

Committees: Recreation and Parks Committee, Finance Committee

Phil Thompson
Term expires 2020
Committees: Development and Planning Committee, Finance Committee

Tim Ferrell, Vice President
Term expires 2020
Committees: Personnel Committee, Development and Planning Committee

S. Lane Lewis, President
Term expires 2018
Committee: Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency Board, representing the District

Placer County Successor Agency, representing the District