This project will construct approximately 3,100 linear feet of new watermain in the State Route 28 right-of-way between Garwoods Restaurant and Watson Creek. The new watermain will replace the existing small-diameter watermain currently in service and add fire hydrants in accordance with California Fire Code standards.

Vinciguerra Construction has constructed the 12-inch water main in State Route 28, connected to the District’s water supply, and finished paving the roadway. The contractor has connected 25 customer water service laterals to the new watermain and abandoned a portion of the old 2-inch watermain.

The final ten (10) services will be completed in May 2023, along with the abandonment of the existing watermain. Fireflow is now available for these properties with six (6) new hydrants with greater than 2,000 gallons per minute of available flow.

Staff is coordinating with the contractor to complete the service installations and abandonment of the existing main in May of 2023.

Estimated Cost: $3,296,647.50

Estimated Completion Date: June 2023

carnelian bay watermain

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