Upgrade & Improvement Projects

NTPUD project map for rate increase


1. National Avenue Primary Sewer Pump Station Upgrades
Sewer project
Final project of four rehabilitation and upgrade projects to the primary stations (equipment and pumps date to their original installation in 1968)

2. Secondary Sewer Pump Station Upgrades
Sewer project
Rehabilitate or replace 11 of the secondary stations that date to 1969

3. Sewer Collection Main Rehabilitation
Sewer project
Rehabilitate 4.5-miles of sewer collection main pipelines

4. Sewer Force Main Condition Assessment
Sewer project
Installed in 1968 and approaching end of service life; a comprehensive condition assessment of the force main pipeline to develop rehabilitation and service life extension recommendations

5. Water Distribution Pipeline Replacement and Fire Protection Upgrades
Water project
Four miles of water distribution pipelines identified for replacement and upgrade; will replace undersized and failing water pipelines with larger diameter modern pipelines to increase available fire protection flows; install new fire hydrants consistent with coverage requirements

6. Water Storage Reservoir Rehabilitation
Water project
Rehabilitate and re-coat two reservoirs to avoid structural failures and ensure reliable and continuous operations into the future 

7. National Avenue Water Treatment Plant Upgrades
Water project
Complete necessary end-of-life equipment replacements and control system upgrades at the water treatment plant

8. District Fleet and Corporation Yard Improvements
Sewer and water project
Replace several pieces of heavy equipment, portable emergency pumps and generators, and vehicles that are at end of life; emergency power and seismic upgrades to corporation yard buildings