"Tahoe Unleashed" Dog Park

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 "Tahoe Unleashed" Dog Park

An off-leash dog park has been approved for a site at the North Tahoe Regional Park.  Nonprofit organization Dog Day in the Park is spearheading the fundraising efforts and has raised $10,000 to date to go towards construction of the park.  Dog Day in the Park's mission is to build and help maintain fenced, environmentally friendly, off-leash dog parks in the Tahoe/Truckee community.  Visit their website here and their Facebook page  to stay in the loop for volunteer and fundraising opportunities.

Dog Owners enjoy Dog Day in the Park


"Oh give us a home ,

Where the coyotes don't roam,

And doggies can play,

All day."...
(poem by Park Bechdolt)



And that's exactly what the creation of the Tahoe Unleashed Dog Park will be – a safe place to play. Doggies led the groundbreaking ceremony for the dog park at the 4th annual Dog Day in the Park on September 7, 2014 at the North Tahoe Regional Park (NTRP), in Tahoe Vista. Once their leashes were cut by Pam Berger the doggies starting digging, giving a helping paw to the building of their safe playground.

Placer County 5th District Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery, NTPUD Board members John Bergmann, Sue Daniels and Phil Thompson were on hand to cheer on all two-legged and four-legged volunteers at the ceremony. Supervisor Montgomery said that the two most frequent complaints/inquiries she hears about animals from her constituents are, "Why don't we have more enforcement of the leash laws in Tahoe and where can we take our dog's for off-leash play?" She believes this 2+ acre park is a win-win for everyone. The Placer County Board of Supervisors approved a $232,000 park mitigation fee grant. The funds from the grant will not only be used for the dog park but also to help off-set the cost of new ADA bathrooms and paved ramps within the NTRP.

John Bergmann shared with the public the over-whelming grass roots volunteer effort to get this project off the ground in record time. Dog Day in the Park is just the latest privately driven volunteer group that has led to park improvements such as the improved children's playground, disc golf and baseball field #5. All projects have been accomplished through private sector/public entity partnerships.

Dog Day in the Park has thus far raised approximately $25,000 towards their commitment of $62,000 in funding for the Tahoe Unleashed Dog Park. President Pam Berger's goal is that this time next year the gates of the park will be open and the leashes will be off!

Check out the highlight video of all the things that Dog Day in the Park has done this year to raise money for the dog park and for Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation.

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