T-TSA Representative Application

2022 Call for Applications -
NTPUD Representative on the Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency Board of Directors

The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) Board of Directors is seeking an interested and qualified individual from the North Lake Tahoe community to serve on the Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency Board as a representative of the NTPUD.

Application deadline extended to Friday, July 15th. 







  • The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) provides wastewater collection and conveyance services to customers in North Lake Tahoe.
  • The Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency (T-TSA) was formed in 1972 in response to the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act, to coordinate wastewater treatment and disposal services throughout the North and West Shore regions of Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River corridor (including the communities of Alpine Meadows and Olympic Valley), and Truckee to protect public health and the environment.
  • T-TSA serves and is governed by 5 member districts: Alpine Springs County Water District, North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD), Olympic Valley Public Service District (OVPSD), Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD), and the Truckee Sanitary District.  Each agency appoints a representative to the T-TSA Board of Directors.

NTPUD Representative Responsibilities & Term:

  • The NTPUD representative on the T-TSA Board of Directors will represent the public and the District and is vested with the duty to oversee T-TSA agency affairs. The NTPUD representative shall work with fellow T-TSA Directors to act collectively as a legislative body to accomplish the mission of the agency through policymaking and general direction to agency management.
  • According to the Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency Act (Appendix 114 of the California Water Code) § 114-60, each member of the T-TSA Board of Directors shall hold office for a term of four years from the first day of September next succeeding the date of appointment and until a successor has been appointed and qualified.  
  • T-TSA Board meetings are open to the public and are held at the agency office (13720 Butterfield Drive, Truckee, CA 96161) on the third Wednesday of each month at 9:00 a.m.

NTPUD Representative Compensation:

  • Representative's compensation is in conformance with T-TSA policy and the Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency Act. At present, and subject to change, compensation is $100 per day of meeting attendance at all regular, special, and committee meetings of the T-TSA Board; not to exceed six days in any calendar month.
  • Representative may participate in the T-TSA’s health and dental plan. Actual business and travel expenses in connection with official duties are reimbursed at cost. The representative must complete withholding forms for income tax purposes.

Application Process:

  • Interest applicants must reside within the NTPUD’s service boundaries.
  • Eligible community members who are interested in serving in this unique role are encouraged to complete an Application Form available at the NTPUD’s Administrative Office or online at https://ntpud.org/ttsa-representative-application.
  • Additional material, including resume and qualifications are not required, but may be submitted with an application. 
  • Completed applications may be submitted online; mailed to NTPUD Administrative Liaison at PO Box 139, Tahoe Vista, California, 96148; emailed to mmoga@ntpud.org; or hand-delivered to the District’s Office at 875 National Ave. Tahoe Vista, CA 96148.

Application Deadline:

  • Interested applicants should submit an application on or before Friday, June 17, 2022.
  • Appointments are tentatively scheduled for July 12, 2022, during the NTPUD Board of Directors meeting.


Additional Information:

Criteria of consideration for North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD or District) appointment of a representative to the Tahoe-Truckee Sanitation Agency (TTSA or Agency) Board of Directors:

Appointment of NTPUD Board member. If not a Board member, then public appointment may be considered. Items to be considered by the NTPUD Board in the selection of public applicants:

  • Residency within the NTPUD boundaries (required)
  • See T-TSA Representative Job Description
  • Needs and make-up of the T-TSA Board of Directors

Relevant experience might include:

  • Professional Experience:
    • Engineering, Infrastructure, Wastewater Treatment, etc.
    • Finance/Accounting
    • Special District, Governmental Agency, Municipal
    • Managerial/Professional
    • Community/Non-profit organization
    • Other
  • Board Experience:
    • Governmental
    • Non-profit
    • Other

Performance Expectations and Evaluation of External Appointee

  • Adhere to the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) guidance on role of a Board Member (CSDA Special District Board Member Handbook) which includes but is not limited to:
  • Attend Special District Leadership Academy’s Governance Leadership Conference for Elected and Appointed Directors provided by the CSDA – Required in first year of first term or have record of participation in an equivalent training to be considered by the District’s Board of Directors.
  • Participation in an annual discussion with the NTPUD Board of Directors on Appointee’s accomplishments and actions as a T-TSA Board Member and a look ahead to the priorities of the T-TSA for the coming year.  Shall be timed in alignment with T-TSA’s annual budget adoption.

Effective Governance:

  • Board sets policy and staff implements it.
  • Board operates in an organizational environment of trust, honesty, and openness.
  • Individual Board Members effectively and collaboratively act as parts of a whole (internally and externally).

Role of a Board Member:

  • Setting the direction for the Agency;
  • Establishing and supporting the policies and structure of the Agency;
  • Overseeing the financial resources necessary to fund the Agency;
  • Guiding employee relations policy, including the hiring and supervising of the general manager who, in turn, operates the Agency and hires/manages its staff; and
  • Serving as a community leader who communicates effectively on behalf of the Agency.

Basic Expectations:

  • Attendance at all T-TSA Board Meetings;
  • Judicious review of T-TSA materials and matters to be informed on T-TSA operations;
  • Monthly report to NTPUD Board on T-TSA matters, including follow up from NTPUD Board questions;
  • Represent and advocate for the interests of the NTPUD and its ratepayers on pertinent T-TSA matters but act in the collective best interests of T-TSA;
  • Availability to T-TSA staff and public.