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Why Do I Pay 2 Sewer Bills?  

The NTPUD provides sewer transport services to the regional sewage treatment facility run by Tahoe Truckee Sanitation Agency.  Click here to learn more.

How to Read Your Bill

Paper Bill

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Current Water/Sewer Rate and Connection Fee Information

Sewer Department funding comes primarily from user rates and a portion of the property tax revenue that is collected by Placer County.

Water Department funding comes exclusively from user rates.

Sewer and Water Department Permit Application.

In December 2017, the Board of Directors Reimplemented the Federal and State Mandate Fee for Sewer and Water. The District will send out annual mailings letting residents know the increase based on CPI. 

In 2007, the North Tahoe Public Utility District passed a rate increase in order to cover the capital needs of the District as identified in our Capital Improvement Program.