NTPUD Achieves 20% by 2020 Water Conservation Goal

May 13, 2021

District’s Stage 2 Water Use Reduction Measures Remain in Effect

(Tahoe Vista, Calif.) May 13, 2021 – The North Tahoe Public Utility District (NTPUD) proudly announced this week that the District has achieved its 20% by 2020 water conservation goal.

“Our customers, our community, and our staff have all made a significant effort to reduce water consumption,” said Sarah Coolidge, NTPUD Board President. “As the State and Placer County move back into a drought emergency, we are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to actively think about their daily water use and adopt our water conservation measures, especially those related to outdoor water usage and restricted watering days.” 

In 2009, California’s Water Conservation Act required all state water agencies to reduce water demand and set water conservation targets for 2015 and 2020. Commonly known as “20% by 2020”, the statewide plan mandated a 20-percent reduction in per person urban water use by the end of 2020.

Although the District met its 2015 target, water use increased in the years that followed. In May 2018, the NTPUD Board of Directors approved an updated plan and new water conservation regulations to help the District move toward compliance with its 20% by 2020 goal. 

NTPUD customers reduced their water use from an average of 296 gallons per day in 2009 to 215 gallons per day as of January 2021.

Additionally, over the last three years, the District’s Utility Operations and Engineering Teams have executed numerous waterline replacement and water leak detection and repair projects identified in the District’s Urban Water Management Plan as significant steps toward meeting the 2020 conservation goal. This plan serves as the official method through which the NTPUD reports progress toward the 20% by 2020 goal. It also outlines a framework for long-term resource planning to ensure adequate water supplies for existing and future demands.

“Although this is a significant milestone, we believe that California’s water is a critical resource and we will continue to foster a culture of water conservation throughout the District to maintain this new standard of reduced water use,” added Bradley A. Johnson, P.E., NTPUD General Manager/CEO.

Going forward, the District’s Stage 2 water conservation measures will remain in effect. Among those include an outdoor irrigation schedule for even and odd addresses with no watering allowed on Saturdays and no landscape irrigation between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Details on the NTPUD’s progress toward achieving the state mandate, as well as the update to the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan, were presented at a public hearing on May 11, 2021, during the regularly scheduled NTPUD Board of Directors meeting. A video recording of the meeting and associated documents is available online at www.ntpud.org.

All NTPUD customers are encouraged to continue water conservation practices and actively monitor their water use. If needed, customers can pick up free water conservation supplies such as showerheads, hose timers, and more at the District’s main office in Tahoe Vista.

Additionally, qualifying NTPUD customers may be eligible for a conservation rebate for the purchase of an irrigation smart controller. Interested customers should contact the District at  (530) 546-4212 or customerservice@ntpud.org to see if they qualify.  

Additional information on the District’s Stage 2 Water Conservation Measures can be found online at https://ntpud.org/how-conserve-water.

North Tahoe Public Utility District crews work to repair a water line leak in Kings Beach

Photo: North Tahoe Public Utility District crews work to repair a water line leak in Kings Beach. Although the District has achieved its 20% by 2020 water conservation goal, the work isn’t over. NTPUD utility and operation crews are continuing to track down and repair water leaks and we are asking all customers to please keep water use top of mind this summer and follow all water conservation regulations.