Hearing Process

Emergency Water Distribution Pipeline Repair
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Zone 1 Water Storage Reservoir
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Proposed Rate Increases

The proposed water and sewer rates for the next five years are shown in detail in the preceding charts.

The single-family residential monthly sewer bill will increase to $32.96 as of January 1, 2020; to $41.19 as of July 1, 2020; to $44.17 as of July 1, 2021; to $47.95 as of July 1, 2022; and to $51.86 as of July 1, 2023.

The average single-family residential water bill (assuming 6,000 gallons of consumption per month) will increase to $78.23 as of January 1, 2020; to $80.10 as of July 1, 2020; to $81.71 as of July 1, 2021; to $83.41 as of July 1, 2022; and to $85.14 as of July 1, 2023. The amount of the water bill is dependent on the actual amount of water used. Lower monthly water bills are possible via reduced monthly water consumption. Customers can calculate projected monthly water bills, based on the proposed rates, by using the Utility Rate Calculator.

Rate Hearing Process

The District’s sewer and water rates fund operations, maintenance, and the construction of critical infrastructure. Proposition 218 requires the District to base its rates on the cost of providing sewer and water services (including current and future infrastructure replacement) and mandates that the District may not collect more revenue than is necessary to recover the costs of providing those services. The Board of Directors of the North Tahoe Public Utility District will consider the proposed increases to its monthly sewer and water rates at a public hearing on November 12, 2019, at 5:00 p.m., at the North Tahoe Event Center – 8318 North Lake Boulevard, Kings Beach, CA 96143. The Board of Directors welcomes community input and will consider public comments as well as any written protests at the hearing. All written protests must be received prior to the close of the hearing. The Board of Directors, after the close of the public hearing, will establish the sewer and water rates for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2019/20 and for Fiscal Years 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23, and 2023/24. Final rates may be less than, but may not exceed, the proposed increases set forth in this notice.

If You Would Like to File a Protest

Sewer and water rate adjustments are subject to Proposition 218. As required by law, the proposed rate adjustments will not take effect if a majority of District customers file a valid written protest. Only one protest per parcel can be accepted. If a property owner and his/her tenant directly responsible for paying the water and/or sewer bill file separate protests for the same parcel, only one protest will be counted.

To Complete a Valid Written Protest:

  • Hand write or type a letter that states: “I protest the sewer and/or water rate increase.”
  • Sign your protest and print your name. All letters must include the customer’s or property owner’s signature to be valid; an electronic signature cannot be counted.
  • Include your utility account number and the service address or Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) for the account. Property owners who lease their property and do not pay for sewer and/or water service are only required to list the service address or APN.

Deliver the Written Protest to the District:

  • Mail your letter: NTPUD Proposed Rate Increase, c/o NTPUD, P.O. Box 139, Tahoe Vista, CA 96148
  • Hand deliver it to the NTPUD Administration Offices: 875 National Avenue, Tahoe Vista, CA 96148
  • Hand deliver it to the District Clerk prior to the close of the public hearing.

All protests must be received by the North Tahoe Public Utility District before the close of the public hearing on November 12, 2019.