General Manager

The Office of the General Manager/CEO is responsible to and receives policy direction from the elected five (5) member Board of Directors of the North Tahoe Public Utility District. The General Manager as the Chief Executive Office is responsible for the enforcement of all Districts rules and regulations, ordinances, and contracts authorized by the Board of Directors. The GM oversees and directs the development of the $10.5 million dollar Annual Operating and a $10 million dollar Capital Improvement Program Budgets and responsible for the 45 full time employees and all part-time employees.

The GM/CEO oversees all functional departments of the District including

  • Board of Directors
    • Committees – Finance, Development & Planning, Parks & Recreation, Ad-Hoc
    • Parks and Recreation Commission
    • Policy and Budget
  • Administration Department
    • Management Services-Accounting, Purchasing, Payroll, Audit, Accounts Payable, Customer Service
    • Human Resources/Risk Management
    • Information Technology
    • Legal and Legislative
    • Payroll
    • Clerk of the Board/Records
  • Utility Operations Department
    • Water Operations & Maintenance
    • Sewer Operations & Maintenance
    • Fleet Operations & Maintenance
    • Water Quality & Production
  • Planning and Engineering Department
    • Capital Improvement Program
    • Land Development
    • Ordinance and Permits
    • Master Plans Sewer/Water/Parks
  • Parks and Facilities Department
    • North Tahoe Event Center
    • Park District – Community Facilities District
    • State/County Park Contracts
    • District Facilities