Parks and Recreation Survey and North Tahoe Event Center Information

Survey Results

At the January 10, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting the results of the Needs Assessment Survey were presented. Following are documents from that presentation:

Survey Information

This page has been created to provide additional information to residents related to the Needs Assessment Survey and additional information related to the North Tahoe Event Center lease negotiations. 

Needs Assessment FAQ's

These are questions that have come to the District from residents requesting additional information about some of the questions on the survey.  


What is the District looking for in an answer to the following Park and Recreation Survey question?  "Additionally, NTPUD is considering a public/private partnership for the operation and management of the North Tahoe Event Center due to revenue shortfall and the facility’s operational costs. However, in order for the District to continue operation and management of the Event Center, an additional $XX.XX assessment per parcel would be required to augment the proposed assessment measure."

The district wishes to know if you would be more or less likely to support a new annual assessment in the dollar amount listed in Question #1 of your survey if it were increased by an additional $XX.XX to ensure that the NTPUD continues to be the operator and manager of the North Tahoe Event Center, instead of establishing a public/private partnership for the operation and management of the Event Center.


Additional North Tahoe Event Center Background and Financial Information

The North Tahoe Event Center has been a contributor to the financial difficulties in the overall Parks and Facilities Department with losses at the Event Center averaging approximately $90,000/year over the last ten (10) years.  This loss does not include depreciate expenses which are an additional $80,000/year, making the total annual deficit for the Event Center approximately $170,000/year.  

The District was approached by Laulima Development LLC about a public-private partnership for operation and management of the North Tahoe Event Center.  The District sent out a Request for Proposals (RFP), received three (3) proposals, but ultimately selected Laulima Development, LLC and signed the following Agreement to Negotiate Exclusively (ANE) in September 2017.  

The District continues to negotiate a lease agreement with Laulima Development, LLC with the terms of the Agreenent to Negotiate Exclusively (ANE) as the guiding document.  If you wish to read the ANE, click here to review this information.  

At the October 11, 2016 Board of Director's meeting, CFO Marple and Administrative Manager Holt provided a detailed breakdown on the revenues/expenses for the North Tahoe Event Center.  Click here to review this information.  


Timeline of North Tahoe Event Center Public Outreach

Click here to view a timeline of Public Outreach related to the North Tahe Event Center