Other Agencies

The information provided on this page is related to significant projects within the North Tahoe Public Utility District boundaries. This information is provided as a service to our residents and is kept up to date as we receive information from the other agencies.

Placer County Projects in the Tahoe Basin

Placer County has a wide variety of projects planned in the Tahoe Area.
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The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project began construction in 2014. 

View the project-specific website for more information.  

One Placer County project of specific interest to North Tahoe PUD residents is the Dollar Creek Shared Use Trail Project located on California Tahoe Conservancy and North Tahoe Public Utility District owned land between Dollar Hill and Cedar Flat.

View the project-specific website.

Caltrans Erosion Control Projects on Highway 28 and State Route 267

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Road improvements are happening all around Lake Tahoe this summer. But all this work isn’t just for taking care of the roads. Caltrans is protecting water quality by building ten storm drain collection areas with over 120 inlets and paved shoulders on highways throughout the Tahoe Basin. The new drainage system will capture stormwater runoff and filter out dirt, oil and litter before it gets to the lake.