Helpful Hints

Where is all this water going?  Helpful hints for tracking down high water usage.  

If you are trying to tracking down a water leak and other unexplained water usage, try some of these helpful hints.  

Toilet Scenarios

A running toilet can be a major source of unexplained water usage.
Here are some of the things that can happen that would make your toilet run.


Gallons Per Minute & Gallons Per Day

While a small leak doesn’t seem like much water is going down the drain, cumulatively these small leaks can add up to a lot.
This document shows the amount of water that a small leak that goes unfixed can use.

You can find out exaclty how much water your faucets, showers and those drips are using by picking up your free drip counter and shower and faucet flow meter bag for FREE at the District offices.  


Meter Info

By looking at your meter you can tell if you are using water unexpectedly.
This document explains how to read your meter.


Stop & Drain Valves

Older shut off valves, called Stop and Drain Valves, can also cause unexpected water use.
This document explains how to shut off your valves.