About the North Tahoe Public Utility District

Following are the mission statement, vision statement, and core values statement for the North Tahoe Public Utility District. Adopted July 2006.

Mission Statement

To provide sewer and water service, consistent with standards set for public health, safety, and the environment in an efficient and accountable manner. To provide, promote and support local and regional recreational and conference facilities and activities for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors. To acknowledge and continue the District’s role as an advocate for the economic well being of our community.

Vision Statement

The VISION for the North Tahoe Public Utility District is:

  • to rehabilitate our sewer and water infrastructure to current standards and continue to efficiently provide for future demands.
  • to provide expanded and improve existing recreational facilities for our community.
  • to be an active voice for our Community in areas of redevelopment and existing and future community services.
  • to foster a positive long term employer/employee relationships.
  • to provide an economically viable Conference Center.

Core Values

Open Communications - be open to all points of view
Customer Service - be ever respectful of those whom we serve
Honesty - be fair, straightforward and factual
Public Trust - be committed to earning this every day
Protecting the Environment - be good stewards of what we have been given
Cooperation - efficiencies come from teamwork
Financial Reporting and Accountability - be deliberate, accurate and clear
Fiscal Recording - exercise careful watch/care over public funds

District Facts

Sewer Department Water Department Recreation & Parks Department
Founded July 1948 November 1967 May 1968
Service Area 4,160 acres, 6.5 square miles 2,186 acres, 3.4 square miles, some areas of the District are served by Agate or Fulton Water companies 4,160 acres, 6.5 square miles
Number of Customers (2015) 5223  3,872  (Tahoe Main System - 3216, Carnelian System - 226, Dollar System - 272 These numbers don't include fire services) 5456 Parcels contribute to CFD 94-1
Length of Gravity Lines 74.8 miles 53.8 miles  
Average Age of Lines 30 years 32.1 years  
Length of Force Mains 6.6 miles N/A  
Number of Manholes (2014) 1,720 N/A  
Range of Pipe Size 6" to 36" diameter 1" to 16" diameter  
Number of Main Pumping Facilities 4 3: 1 lake source, 2 well sources  
Number of Satellite / Booster Stations 14 3  
Number of Tanks/Capacity 6.0 million gallons per day at Dollar Lift Station 8 tanks, 4,650,000 gallons  
2014 Average Daily Flow (Sewer) or Production (Water) 716,876 gallons 1,160,000 gallons  
2014 Annual Flow (Sewer) 261,660,000 gallons    
Peak Daily Flow (2014) Aug 7, 8, 9 & 10 July - 1.80 million gallons per day     
Annual Water Production (2014)   423,400,000 gallons  
Highest Water Production Month (2014)   July 2014 - 57,672,000 gallons  
Highest Water Production Month on Record   August 2008
70 million gallons
2015-2016 Annual Operating Budget $6,574,069 $3,773,496 $2,029,562

District Owned Property